How to Waterproof a Gazebo

Fabsil - Fabric WaterprooferA common query that many visitors have that visit this site is whether it is to possible to waterpoof a gazebo?

The simple answer is yes! If you’ve not got a waterproof gazebo (read our post), you need a silicon based waterproofing product such as Fabsil. Fabsil is a waterproofing/UV protection treatment that can be applied to any type of materials for outdoor use, eg. tents, cusions, parasols, shades and of course gazebos. The waterpoofing product from Fabsil comes in two types; an areosol spray or in larger tins that can be ‘painted’ onto fabric.

While we’ve not tried the aerosol version here at Garden Gazebos, reiviews on the internet advise that the spray on product is much less effective than the ‘paint’ on version, and thats the version we’d recommend.

Fabsil comes in a varity of quanitities;

Let us know what if Fabsil has been successful for you in waterproofing your gazebo in the comments!


  1. Please can you tell me,how I can purchase a 2.5 Ltr of paint on Fabsil fabric waterproof liquid through your website , thank you.

  2. I really thought that this product would work and after a bit of time fully brushing into a 3m square gazebo it does not unfortunately – I should have bitten the bullet and gone out to buy a fully waterproof gazebo but not all those are what they advertise themself to be!

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