Replacement Gazebo Parts

Sometimes due to an accident or misfortune your trusty gazebo may well break.

Often one small part can mean a gazebo is totally unusable.

Your first response may be to jump straight onto the internet to buy a new one, but why spend all that money when you may well be able to fix the problem?

Until recently it was almost impossible to get replacement parts for gazebos. However help is on hand with a new site –

Gazebo Spare Parts Screenshot

This site stocks an impressively broad range of gazebo replacement parts including;

  • Replacement gazebo poles.
  • Replacement gazebo joints.
  • Replacement gazebo canopy.

Parts are available for a wide range of gazebos including those sold by Tesco, Argos, Homebase, Halfords and quite a few more.

The website claims to be the only site on the internet that stocks replacement gazebo parts – it is certainly the only site we’ve seen.

It just might save you some hard earned money!


  1. Earlier this year I bought a replacement canopy for my gazebo which I had originally purchased from Rawgarden. The gazebo is a good one and the first canopy lasted about four summers. The replacement canopy has not been a success, it was put up in early summer this year and seems to be made of a material that absorbs all the dirt and dust which has left it now a dark grey colour instead of cream. The old canopy although ripped is still cream!
    It seems as though the material has been replaced with an inferior make and it looks like it may only be usable for one season. It was very expensive to only last one year and I am unhappy about this.

  2. Hi, had a mishap with our pop up gazebo and it’s bashed up. I don’t know the make but I can supply the dimensions of the broken parts. It’s a 3 x 6 m pop up, the outer leg is 1518 approx x 29 x 29 mm and the inner leg is 29 x 29mm. I need 2 replacement top pole at 1m x 16 x 16mm. Also needed is one of the outside cross side bars approx 1530 mm long x 22 x 10.5. Sorry it’s only 1 outer leg that’s needed but in
    also need 2 of the inner legs at 910 x23.5 x23.5mm. Any help in getting parts would be appreciated.


    Gary Nelson

  3. Hi I bought an airwaves 3m x 6m gazebo recently. But with all the rain recently one of the concertina sides bent and whilst trying to bend it back it has snapped. So I am looking for a replacement concertina side 3m in length for an airwaves gazebo. Can you help?

  4. Hi
    I am looking for a canopy for a Genoa Gazebo bought from Range about 5 years ago. Does anybody have a picture of this Gazebo?

    Thank you

  5. Hello
    I have an octagonal garden tent by Crocodile Trading which needs replacement legs 32 mm diameter and about 2m tall. They are white powder coated steel. If anyone has any spares, I’d be grateful.

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