Pop up Gazebos

Pop up Gazebos can be put up and taken down in minutes, making them the no fuss option for your garden. Below is a selection of pop up/folding gazebos to suit all requirements.

Pop Up Gazebo Buying Guide

Popup Gazebos greatly simplify the whole process of putting up a gazebo – no more fiddling around trying to work out which pole goes where – simply pull the legs apart and done – you’ve got a finished gazebo in 20 seconds flat!

Construction and Assembly

Pop up gazebos come supplied ready to go. Simply take out of the packaging, pull the legs apart, and you’re done.

Size and Weight

As with standard gazebos, the pop up version is designed to be used in the garden to provide shade from the sun. As a result they tend to be quite bulky and heavy and can be difficult to carry a long distance.


Pop up gazebos are much more complex than the standard versions and therefore command a higher price. The cheapest pop up gazebos are around £50 to buy, with gazebos featuring side panels costing in the region of £100.

If you’re looking for something a bit cheaper, have a look at our standard gazebos.
Gazebos on this page include: pop up, quick up, square, waterproof, water resistant, large, with sides, in white, green and blue,