Pop-up Airwave Gazebos – The Best in the UK?

Green Pop up Waterproof Airwave Gazebos from AmazonWe love these Fully Waterproof pop-up Airwave Gazebos which are available from Amazon.co.uk. The Gazebos come in range of colours and include a range of premium features which make them great all rounders.

These may well be some of the best gazebos available in the UK judging by the reviews on Amazon. The ratings on Amazon reflect this with 4 and 5 star ratings abound and very few negative comments.


These Airwave Gazebos seem to go beyond the ‘regular’ pop up gazebo models and have a number of well thought through features. These include:

Pop up gazebo constructionPop Up Frame– Concertina action pop up gazebo frame. Rather than having to connect a load of separate poles together the frame simple pulls open. While this adds to the size of the gazebo when stored it does mean that 2 people can erect the gazebo in around 60 seconds (as opposed to the standard 10-15 minutes erection time of a standard gazebo). Not bad!

Fully Waterproof Cover – The manufacturers claim a fully waterproof canopy made from 190g PU coated soft touch polyester fabric with all seams Tape Sealed – essential if you want to use your gazebo all year round.

Gazebos Sides – Many manufacturers tend to sell sides as optional extras however these gazebos include 4 sides as standard – 2 with windows and two with zipped doorways.

Robust Anchoring points – The Gazebos are apparently manufactured with extra robust anchoring points to ensure better stability in light winds.

Anti-puddling canopy – If you’ve ever used a Gazebo in the rain you’ll know that water can often puddle behind the frame if the rain weighs the canopy down. In order to combat this problem these gazebos feature eyelets that let the water drain.

The range has expanded in the last few years and now includes a wide range of different sizes – and shapes. The following sizes are available;

Airwave Gazebo Sizes

Small pop up gazebo - fully waterproof red

2x2m – This is the smallest gazebo in the range. At 2m square this is quite small. Certainly smaller than most gazebos and may feel quite enclosed with the sides on. This size would comfortably accomodate 2 people but would probably be too small for most garden furniture.



2.5m pop up gazebo - fully waterproof

– Again a little smaller than most gazebos (to compare, the bog standard cheap B&Q gazebo is 3x2m. This one would comfortably accomodate 2-3 people on chairs but is likely to be to small for most tables.



3m pop up gazebo

– This is the standard size for the majority of gazebos on sale. This size would accomodate 4 people comfortably and would be suitable for a small table.



4.5x3m pop up gazebo
– This adds another 1.5m on to the ‘standard size’ of most gazebos and would comfortably accommodate a round or square table and 4-6 people.



3x6m gazebo pop up and waterproof
– The largest size of pop up gazebo in the range, this would comfortably accommodate a  larger table with 6-8 seats. Alternatively, without furniture, this gazebo would be great for a small party.


Hexagonal Gazebo - waterproof

3.5m Hexagonal pop up
– The newest addition to the range this shape of gazebo is especially suited to round tables for 4 people.



Not only do airwave gazebos come in a range of sizes and shapes, they also come in a choice of colours. Theses are; Green, Blue, White, Red, Black and Beige.

Where to Buy Airwave Gazebos

All the airwave gazebos mentioned in this article are available from Amazon.co.uk.

UK delivery is £10 regardless of the size of the gazebo. Update: 29/12/13: UK delivery is now free when you select ‘Supersaver Delivery’ at the Amazon.co.uk checkout. 

You can see all the Airwave Gazebos on our Pop up Gazebo page.

Update 17th July: You can also see a video of an Airwave Gazebo being put up in this post.

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