Large Gazebos and Party Gazebos

Large gazebos or Party gazebos are larger size gazebos that a re great for hosting parties or events in your garden. They come in all sizes from smaller varieties to provide a bit of shelter to larger models capable of housing a small party!

Large Gazebo Sizes
The large gazebos and party gazebos on this page range in size from 3x6m upwards. If you’re looking for something a little smaller, you’ll need our regular gazebo page or pop up gazebo page.
Some gazebos on this page are fully waterproof, others are more ‘showerproof’. Always check the full listing to see how waterproof the gazebo is as there can be a big difference between manufacturers. If you want something that can withstand the rain, make sure you get a fully waterproof gazebo.


Large Gazebos can range from around £60 right up to £400.

Gazebos on this page include; large gazebos, party, wedding, bbq, marquees, large, with sides, waterproof, water resistant