How to Put up A Gazebo

We’ve put up quite a few gazebos over the years so we like to think we know how to put up a gazebo! This guide is intended to provide a generic guide on putting up a standard gazebo. Some models of gazebos may be slightly different so you may have to adapt these instructions to some extent.

1. Take all the parts from your gazebo’s bag. You should have;

  • a canopy
  • some poles (the exact number may vary depending on you’re gazebo model; we have 36)
  • 1 plastic centre connector with 4 holes
  • 4 plastic corner connectors with 3 holes
  • 4 plastic feet
  • 4 guy ropes
  • 8 pegs

Gazebo Parts on Ground

2. Sort the poles into three piles based on the numbers or letters marked on each pole. Our gazebo has poles marked 1, 2 and 3.

Sets of Steel Gazebo Poles

3. Create 4 poles from each pile by connecting;

  • 1 – 1a – 1
  • 2 – 2a – 2
  • 3 – 3a – 3/4

If you’re struggling to find which are the ‘a’ poles, they have slightly thinner ends than the regular poles. On the photo below, the ‘a’ pole can be seen on the right.

Connecting the Gazebo Poles

4. Next, take the centre connector. This can be easily identified as it looks like a cross.

The 4 pole gazebo centre connector

5. Add a completed ‘1’ pole to each side of the connector.

Connecting the diagonal Poles

6. You will end up with something like this;

The Centre Piece with 4 diagonal poles

7. Next, add the 4 corner pieces. Make sure you use the right hole on the connector. This will often be marked on the plastic with a ‘1’ indicating that it should go into the diagonal pole.

The Corner Peice

8. Next up, add in the side poles, marked ‘2’ on most gazebos. Connect each end of the side poles into the corner connectors. You’ll end up with a completed top of the gazebo.

Side Poles Completed

9. Now is a good time to add the canopy while the top is on the ground. Hook the canopy over each corner of the frame so it sits tightly and holds the top gazebo together.

The Canopy over the poles

10. Next, add the top pole of the upright, pole ‘3’. Ensure that you use the top and do not accidentally use the bottom pole which has holes in.

Adding the top upright poles DSC02102

11. Once you’ve added the first poles on each side, add the bottom 2 poles. We find it best if 2 people add the poles to one side of the gazebo and then move on to the next, as shown in the photo below.

Adding Bottom Poles

12. Once all the poles are added, the gazebo will be at full height.


13. Now peg in each corner of the gazebo for stability. You may need to move some of the feet to ensure the gazebo is square and level.

Peg down the feet in each corner

14. Locate the velcro straps on each side of the gazebo. Fasten these to add stability to the canopy.

Velcro Side Fastener

15. Similar straps can be found on the uprights on each corner.

Velcro Upright Fastener

16. If required peg out the guy ropes diagonally at a distance of around 1 meter.

Pegging the gazebo guy rope

17. Tighten the guy ropes by sliding the plastic tab.

Tighten the Guy Rope

18. Enjoy your gazebo!

The completed Gazebo

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