Cheap Gazebos Guide

This page has one aim – to allow you to find the cheap gazebos without having to search around forever!

We update this page regularly as gazebos come in and out of stock and new offers come available from retailers. So without further ado, the current Cheapest Gazebos are shown below.

Cheap Gazebo Construction

Value gazebos tend to be of steel tubular construction. These types of gazebo have to be manually constructed by joining the various poles together.

The poles are then covered with the canopy. The gazebo is then pegged down on all four corners and guy ropes pegged down for stability.

These types of gazebos tend to take between 15-20 minutes to put up.

If you are looking for something that can be erected quicker we suggest you have a look at our Pop Up Gazebo Page.

Cheap Gazebo Features

Cheap gazebos tend to be light on features. Non have sides or any extra features. For more feature rich gazebos have a look at a ‘standard’ gazebo pages.

While value gazebos are great for providing some summer shade, they’re not necessarily great for keeping the rain out. Check out our Waterproof Gazebo page for a range of weatherproof gazebos.

Sizes of Value Gazebos

Cheap gazebos tend to be smaller in size than other gazebos. Generally these gazebos are between 2.5m and 3m square in size. For larger gazebos, have a look at the large gazebo page.

Cheap B&Q Gazebos

Cheap B&Q gazebos are only available for the spring summer season. When they are available they will be featured on this website.

At other times of the year this page shows some of the cheapest gazebos available from other retailers.