Gazebo Leg Weights

The leg weights can be filled with water or sand

Gazebo Leg Weights are a great alternative for situations where pitching a gazebo in the ground is not possible for example when you want to position a gazebo on a patio or deck.

The leg weights are made of heavy duty plastic which clip around the gazebo poles to keep it weighed down, even in windy weather.

The weights can be filled with sand and or water and can easily be emptied when not being used. We think these are a great solution for those wishing to erect a gazebo in a tricky location.

The leg weights are available from a range of retailers. They come in packs of 4 and are priced at around £20. Check our our price comparison below for the current cheapest price;

[DFR:Embedable Comp Set?p=492300630065274]

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